Araguani & Raspberry Fruit Paste

Pectine Jaune Sosa Araguani & Raspberry Fruit Paste
Araguani & Raspberry Fruit Paste


465 g Raspberry purée 11 g SOSA Yellow Pectin 505 g SOSA Maltitol Powder 100 g  Glucose DE38/40 SOSA 90 g ARAGUANI 72% COUVERTURE 7 g Citric Acid Solution*

Mix the pectin with a little maltitol. Heat the raspberry purée to 105°F (40°C) and incorporate the pectin mixture.
Bring to the boil, then gradually add the remaining maltitol and glucose.
Cook at 73°Brix or 220°F (106°C). Take off the heat before adding the citric acid solution.
Combine a little of the fruit paste with the partially melted couverture to form an emulsion.

Mix, then add the rest of the fruit paste.

Note: This recipe can be frozen.

*Citric Acid Solution


3,5 g Water 3,5 g SOSA Citric Acid

Warm the water and incorporate the citric acid.
Mix and leave to dissolve.