Chocolate Jelly for Spheres

Vegetable Gelling Agent Chocolate Jelly for Spheres SOSA


450 g Water 25 g COCOA POWDER 15 g SOSA Vegetable Gelling Agent 50 g Caster sugar 20 g P125 COEUR DE GUANAJA

Mix all the ingredients (except the chocolate) with the water while still cold.
Heat the mixture to 140°F (60°C) and add the chocolate.
Bring all these ingredients to the boil together.
Ice at 140-150°F (60-65°C).  

IMPORTANT: This gelatin does not behave the same way as animal-based gelatin.

Philippe Givre
Chef’s tip
Philippe Givre

Do not coat products if they have reached -20°F (-30°C), as the gel will become brittle and opaque.
Ideal temperature: 0 to -4°F (-18 to -20°C).