Creamy Lime Ganache & Manjari Chocolate Jelly

sosa - recette pectine x58
Creamy Lime Ganache


600 g Half-fat milk 14 g Lime zest 10 g Caster sugar 6 g SOSA Pectin X58 50 g Invert sugar 300 g NYANBGO 68% COUVERTURE 15 g Lime juice

Mix the pectin X58 with the caster sugar.
Heat the milk to 120°F (50°C) and infuse the lime zest for 10-15 minutes.
Add the pectin-and-sugar mixture and the invert sugar, and bring to the boil.
Make an emulsion along with the chocolate to obtain a smooth, shiny texture.
Maintain this texture, add in the lime juice and mix using an immersion blender until a perfect emulsion forms.
Pour out or leave to set at 40°F (4°C) for 24 hours.

Note : This recipe cannot be frozen.

Manjari Chocolate Jelly


840 g Milk 55 g Caster sugar 5 g SOSA Pectin X58 260 g MANJARI 64% COUVERTURE

Mix the sugar and pectin.
Whisk this mixture into the hot milk and boil for a few seconds.
Combine some of the milk with the couverture and mix vigorously with a spatula until you obtain an emulsion.
Keep adding the milk but make sure the texture stays elastic and shiny.

Note : This recipe cannot be frozen.

Philippe Givre
Chef’s tip
Philippe Givre

For the Creamy Lime Ganache, we recommend using this ganache in fresh chocolate bonbons. Store at 40°F (4°C).

The Manjari Chocolate Jelly can be reheated as many times as required – Simply make sure you heat it to at least 35°F (60°C) before using it at approx. 85-95°F (30°C).