Exotic Nappage & Confit

Pectine NH SOSA Exotic Nappage & Confit
Mango & Passion Fruit Glaze


8 g SOSA Pectin NH 50 g Caster sugar 250 g Mango purée 125 g Passion fruit purée 1 Vanilla bean 140 g SOSA Glucose DE38/40 100 g SOSA Gelatin Powder DE 33 250 g SOSA Dextrose 175 g Water 200 g Caster sugar 

Weigh out and mix together the Pectin NH and smaller portion of sugar.
Heat the purées, water and vanilla, and add the Pectin NH and sugar mixture. Bring the ingredients to the boil.
Mix in the Dextrose and glucose powder, followed by the remaining sugar and glucose.
Bring to the boil and store in the refrigerator.
Reheat, mix using an immersion blender, and ice at 120°F (50°C).

Pineapple Confit


100 g Victoria pineapple 260 g Pineapple purée 50 g SOSA Glucose DE38/40 8 g SOSA Pectin NH 40 g Caster sugar

Finely dice the pineapple. Heat the pineapple purée and glucose together at 105°F (40°C).

Then add the pre-mixed sugar and Pectin NH and, finally, the cubed pineapple.
Bring to the boil and store in the refrigerator.