Guanaja Chocolate Buttons

Gomme Kappa Guanaja Chocolate Buttons Sosa


200 g Eau 2 g Natur Emul SOSA 50 g COUVERTURE GUANAJA 70 % 1 g Gomme Kappa SOSA

Mix together the Kappa Gum and Natur Emul, then sprinkle them into the water and mix. Bring to the boil.
Gradually combine this mixture with the chocolate to form an emulsion.
Mix gently using an immersion to get rid of any air bubbles.
Leave to cool slightly, then pour into a plastic pipette.
Once the texture is right, make droplets of mixture on a plastic sheet (or use a spoon to arrange into shapes).

Leave to set completely.

IMPORTANT: Your preparation will start to set at 140°F (60°C).