Mojito Meringue

Gelatine meringue mojito Sosa


14 g SOSA Gelatin powder 220 Bloom 70 g Water 115 g Caster sugar 135 g Water 145 g White rum 125 g Lime juice 5 g Fresh mint 2 g Fresh ginger QS Lime zest

Hydrate the gelatin powder in the smaller portion of water.
Use the larger portion of water and sugar to make a syrup, then infuse the mint leaves for approx. 20 minutes.
Strain, then add the lime juice, half of the rum, the ginger and the gelatin. Bring to the boil.
Leave to cool then add the remaining rum.
Leave to set overnight in the refrigerator.
Beat in a stand mixer until the syrup has the texture of a mousse. This can take approx. 45-50 minutes.
Pour into a frame.
Store in the freezer.
Turn out and cut into cubes.