Morello Cherry Spheres & Poppy & Strawberry Compote

sosa - recette boules griotte compotée fraise coquelicot
Morello Cherry Spheres


210 g Caster sugar 35 g Glucose DE38/40 70 g Water 350 g Morello cherry purée 2 g SOSA Citric Acid 180 g OPALYS 33% CHOCOLATE IVOIRE 35% HOLLOW SPHERES

Cook the sugar, glucose and water at 365°F (185°C). Deglaze with the morello cherry purée.
Reheat the mixture to 215°F (103°C), remove from the heat, add the citric acid and let the temperature fall to 160°F (70°C). Combine with the melted OPALYS couverture to form an emulsion. 
At 95°F (35°C), add the butter. Mix using an immersion blender and garnish the IVOIRE 35% HOLLOW SPHERES. Leave to set for 12 hours at 60°F (17°C) and a 60% relative humidity level.

Make sure that when you do this, the ganache does not reach a temperature of more than 80°F (30°C).

Poppy & Strawberry Compote


500 g Frozen whole strawberries 500 g Strawberry purée 170 g Glucose DE38/40 200 g Caster sugar 20 g SOSA Pectin NH 75 g Caster sugar 105 g Lemon juice 6 g SOSA Citric Acid 6 g Poppy flavoring

Reduce the strawberries in a saucepan. Mix the pectin with the smaller portion of sugar, then add it to the fruit purée.
Bring to the boil. Add the second portion of sugar, bring it to the boil again, then add the glucose.
Cool to 120°F (50°C), then add the lemon juice, citric acid and poppy flavoring.
Store in the refrigerator.