Pear Bubbles

Alginate Pear Bubbles  Sosa
Pear Bubbles


400 g Williams pear purée 2,5 g SOSA Sodium Alginate 0,5 Water & Sodium Chloride Solution*

Blend the fruit purée and alginate together while still cold.
Leave to rest in the refrigerator, preferably overnight, before use.
Using a spoon or a syringe, drip the fruit purée into the water and sodium chloride solution and leave to react for approx. 30 seconds. Using a skimmer or colander, carefully remove the spheres that have formed, rinse with cold water and
serve immediately.

Note: The spheres will solidify within a few minutes.

* Solution Eau et Chlorure - Méthode traditionnelle


500 g Eau 4 g Chlorure SOSA

Mix the ingredients while still cold to dilute the sodium chloride.
Wait at least 3 hours before use, or ideally, prepare the previous day.

Note.: This solution is used for a traditional method of spherification known as direct spherification.

Find out how to use the KIT pH SOSA and the spherification method here.

Philippe Givre
Chef’s tip
Philippe Givre

The spheres will only remain liquid for a few minutes, so they must be prepared at the last minute and not in advance.