Translucent Cocoa Nib Soup

Xanthane Clear Soupe Grué de Cacao Sosa


400 g Water 60 g COCOA NIBS 50 g Caster sugar 50 g Water 2 g SOSA Clear Xanthan Gum

Heat the water to 120°F (50°C).
Leave the nibs to infuse in the water overnight.
Strain and mix all the ingredients together.
You can add a few CRUNCHY PEARLS just before serving.

Philippe Givre
L’astuce du chef
Philippe Givre

When you mix your sauce, it might turn opaque.

To reverse this, put it in a sous-vide cooker for a few moments.
Once it no longer has any micro-bubbles, the sauce will go back to its original color.