Vegan Crème Brulée

Comme une crème brulée Végétale Propanacotta iota Sosa


325 g Oat milk 40 g Coconut oil 50 g Caster sugar 3 g SOSA Pro-Pannacotta Iota 1 Vanilla bean

Heat together the milk and coconut oil and infuse the split and scored vanilla bean.
Mix together the Pro-Pannacotta Iota and sugar. Once the milk is at 120°F (50°C), add in the sugar mixture and heat to 175-185°F (80-85°C).
Leave to cool and pour out at 120°F (50°C).
If you want to liquefy this cold jelly so you can reset it, it can be mixed again using an immersion blender.

Philippe Givre
L’astuce du chef
Philippe Givre

When you are ready to serve, cover your panna cotta with a layer of caramelized sugarSee recipe 7.2 in Valrhona Essentials.