Gellan Gum SOSA

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500 g

Gellan Gum

Gelling agent
Ingredients of 100% natural origin
A firm, elastic and transparent jelly, cuts cleanly
Remains unchanged after cooking
Can be used with all kinds of liquids, high temperature-resistant, a jelly suitable for ovens

This is a powdered gelling agent derived from a bacterial fermentation process.
For optimal use, mix the product with liquid whilst heating. Suitable for use with all liquids, it is heat-resistant, freezable and of natural origin.
You can use this product to make firm, rigid gels (like pastes, jellies and jams), which can go into the oven. 


Applications Gomme Gellan

Philippe Givre
Chef’s tip
Philippe Givre

This product withstands baking and can therefore be used in cakes to make inserts.