Natural Procrema 100 Hot/Cold  Sosa Ingredients

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  • 3 KG

SOSA Ref 37627

Natural Procrema 100 Hot/Cold

  • Stabilizer
  • A complex mix for stabilizing ice cream both when hot and cold.
  • Perfect for easily preparing ice cream.


A mix of stabilizers, thickening agents, proteins, fibers and sugars that naturally stabilize ice cream while hot or cold. For optimal use, mix hot or cold (max. temp. 175°F or 80°C) in any liquid (purées, stocks, creams or flavored water) and stir in vigorously. Once it has been mixed into liquid, it is advisable to cool for 8 hours so it can mature (40°F or 4°C) and components are perfectly hydrated before being frozen. To successfully quantify ice cream*, you need to incorporate around 20% extra solids such as sucrose or dextrose.
The recommended dose is 10%