Dehydrated Blackcurrant Crisp

Gelcrem cold Blackcurrant Crisp Sosa


25 g Caster sugar 25 g Water 200 g Blackcurrant purée 30 g SOSA Trehalose Powder 24 g SOSA Gelcrem Cold 10 g Lemon juice

Heat up the water and sugar to make a syrup. Add the blackcurrant purée.
Mix together the Trehalose and Gelcrem Cold and add to the syrup, followed by the lemon juice.
Mix all the ingredients together using an immersion blender and leave in the refrigerator for 20 minutes.
Spread onto a silicone-coated mat to create a wafer-thin layer.
Dry out at 115°F (45°C) for approx. 10-12 hours so that your it takes on a crisp texture.