Fruit-Flavored Chiboust Cream

Gelcrem Chaud Crème Chiboust Sosa
Fruit-Flavored Chiboust Cream


250 g Passion fruit purée 175 g Whipping cream 175 g Eggs 100 g Caster sugar 30 g SOSA Gelcrem Hot 8 g Gelatin sheets 200 Bloom 100 g PASSION FRUIT INSPIRATION 500 g Fruit Meringue for Chiboust Cream*

Use the fruit purée, whipping cream, sugar, egg yolks and Gelcrem Hot to make a pastry cream.
At the same time, whip up the fruit meringue for the chiboust cream.
As soon as the pastry cream is cooked, add the gelatin and fruit couverture and smooth the results in a stand mixer.
As soon as stiff peaks form in your meringue, use some of it to dilute the pastry cream, mixing it in with a whisk.
Then delicately mix in the rest with a spatula.
Put the mixture into molds and freeze.
Sprinkle with caster sugar, then caramelize this sugar using a kitchen blowtorch or the oven.  

Fruit Meringue for Chiboust Cream*


255 g Passion fruit purée 25 g SOSA Albuwhip 65 g SOSA Gelatin Powder DE 33 155 g Caster sugar

Weigh out the Albuwhip and glucose powder and mix them together.
Whisk this mixture into the fruit purée.
Beat the mixture until frothy.
To finish off, gradually add the caster sugar.