Albuwhip SOSA

Available in

500 g
5 kg
38461 (500 g) - 39303 (15 kg)


Whipping agents
Ingredients of 100% natural origin
A product with just one ingredient: No artificial ingredients, stabilizers or acidity regulators
Perfect for fruit purée-based meringues
Used for making products with much greater stability levels, with 25% greater foamability

Powdered egg whites.
For optimal results, use this product together with, or instead of, fresh egg whites. Whisking effect 25% stronger and holds five times more stable than fresh egg whites.
Can be used with all liquids, especially with aqueous liquids. It should be mixed cold, it is heatresistant, freezable and is of animal origin. You can use this product to make meringues, macarons, mousses, soufflés, brioches and various cakes.


Applications Albuwhip