Chocolate Marshmallow

Albuwhip Guimauve au Chocolat Sosa


250 g Caster sugar 115 g Water 10 g SOSA Gelatin Powder 220 Bloom 50 g Water 105 g Invert sugar 2 g Agar-Agar 2 g SOSA Albuwhip 50 g 100% EXTRA COCOA PASTE

Cook the water and caster sugar at 230°F (110°C) to make a syrup.
Hydrate the gelatin in water.
Mix the Agar-Agar and Albuwhip with the invert sugar and add to the syrup, which you have heated to 230°F (110°C).
Beat at mid-speed in a stand mixer.
Check the mixture is at 105°F (40°C) and add the melted cocoa paste.
Gently mix the two together and pour the resulting mixture into a frame.
Leave them to set.

Note: This recipe cannot be frozen.

Javier Guillén
L’astuce du chef
Javier Guillén

When cutting products using a slicing machine, you can ensure a cleaner cut with our Agar-Agar.
SOSA Albuwhip makes the texture lighter.