Low-Sugar Chocolate Mousse

Albuwhip Mousse au Chocolat désucrée Sosa
Low-Sugar Chocolate Mousse


350 g ILLANKA 63% COUVERTURE 8 g SOSA Gelatin Powder 220 Bloom 40 g Milk 750 g Whipping cream 300 g Quick Low-Sugar Meringue*

Heat up the cream and milk and add in the hydrated gelatin.
Gradually combine the mixture with the chocolate, and put the resulting mixture in a stand mixer to create an emulsion.
Whip up the low-sugar meringue.
Check the ganache’s temperature is at 105-115°F (40-45°C), then gradually pour it over the meringue.
Pour the mousse into molds and leave to set.

Note: This recipe cannot be frozen.

Quick Low-Sugar Meringue*


119 g Egg whites 88,9 g Caster sugar 29,6 g SOSA Inulin 59,3 g SOSA Gelatin Powder DE 33 3 g SOSA Albuwhip 0,6 g SOSA Cream of Tartar

Mix all the ingredients together cold.
Poach at 145°F (62°C) in a bain-marie. Strain.
Leave to rest in the refrigerator.
Heat to 95°F (35°C) then beat in a stand mixer.

Javier Guillén
L’astuce du chef
Javier Guillén

SOSA Albuwhip makes the texture lighter.