Guanaja Chocolate Filling and Eggless Dulcey Cream

Gelcrem chaud Fourrage Guanaja et Crème Dulcey Sosa
Béchamel-Style Guanaja Chocolate Filling


500 g Milk 50 g Glucose DE 38/40 30 g Invert sugar 35 g SOSA Gelcrem Hot 360 g GUANAJA 70% COUVERTURE

Heat together the milk, glucose, invert sugar and Gelcrem Hot.
Bring the mixture to the boil so it takes on the same texture as a béchamel sauce.
Combine with the chocolate and mix using an immersion blender so the texture becomes completely smooth.
Store in the refrigerator and put in piping bags so that you can use it to fill biscuits or pastries.

Eggless Dulcey Cream for Flans


250 g Milk 250 g Whipping cream 30 g SOSA Gelcrem Hot 100 g DULCEY 32% CHOCOLATE 0,5 Vanilla bean

Mix the Gelcrem Hot with the milk and cream.
Add the vanilla and bring the mixture to the boil, as you would for a pastry cream.
Combine the boiling cream with the chocolate and mix using an immersion blender until completely smooth.
Pour into a blind-baked tart case.
Cook at 340°F (170°C) for 30-40 minutes.