Natural Prosorbet 100 Cold Sosa Ingredients

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  • 3 KG

SOSA Ref 37643

Natural Prosorbet 100 Cold

  • Stabilizer
  • A complex mix for stabilizing sorbets both when hot and cold.
  • Perfect for easily preparing sorbets.


A mix of stabilizers, thickening agents, fibers and sugars that naturally stabilize cold sorbets. For optimal use, stir vigorously with any cold liquid (purées, stocks, creams or flavored water). Once it has been mixed into liquid, it is advisable to cool for 8 hours so it can mature (40°F or 4°C) and components are perfectly hydrated before being frozen.
To make a well-balanced sorbet, you need to add around 20% extra solids such as sucrose or dextrose. The recommended dose is 10%.