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Iced Azélia & Chestnut Ganache


80 g Whipping cream 35 g Glucose DE 60 80 g AZELIA 35% COUVERTURE 160 g Chestnut cream 160 g Chestnut paste 5 g Whisky 10 g Glycerine

Heat the cream, glucose and glycerine. Combine with the AZÉLIA chocolate, cream, and chestnut paste to form an emulsion. Add the whisky. Set aside.



460 g Whipping cream 70 g Glucose DE 60 905 g CARAMELIA 36% COUVERTURE 15 g Cocoa Butter 22 g Glycerine

Heat the cream and glucose to 140-150°F (60- 65°C). Combine half with the chocolate and partially melted COCOA BUTTER. Mix well with a spatula then add the rest of the cream mixture and the glycerine, and mix using an immersion blender to form a perfect emulsion. At 90-95°F (32-34°C), pour the ganache into a frame, which you have attached to a sheet of confectionery dipping paper covered with a fine layer of couverture. Leave to set for 24 to 36 hours at 60-65°F (16-18°C) and a 60% relative humidity level. Turn out the ganache, coat it with a fine layer of couverture and cut it into your chosen shape. Allow it to set completely if necessary, then coat.

Carles Mampel
Chef’s tip
Carles Mampel

The iced ganache can be used for a frozen dessert or other frozen product.