Raspberry Juice Sauce

Xanthane Clear Sauce au jus de framboise Sosa
Sauce au jus de framboise


500 g Raspberry juice* 1,5 g SOSA Clear Xanthan Gum

Use a small amount of raspberry juice to gradually dilute the Xanthan Gum.
Incorporate the remainder of the raspberry juice and mix using an immersion blender if necessary.

Raspberry juice*


1 670 g Frozen whole raspberries

Defrost the raspberries overnight in a bowl.
Use film to hermetically seal the raspberries in the bowl.
Put in the bain-marie and leave to cook for approx. 2 hours until the raspberries are mostly juice.
Sieve through a muslin or very fine sieve but do not press.

Philippe Givre
L’astuce du chef
Philippe Givre

When you mix your sauce, it might turn opaque.
To reverse this, put it in a sous-vide cooker for a few moments.

Once it no longer has any micro-bubbles, the sauce will go back to its original color.