Gomme Xanthane claire sosa

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500 g

Xanthan Gum Clear

Thickening agent
Ingredients of 100% natural origin
Makes liquids and doughs more viscous, without jellifying them
Ideal for thickening low-quantity preparations, unlike traditional cornstarch
Thickens preparations without heating up the ingredients : Preserves flavors’ distinctness
Same advantages as Pure Xanthan Gum, but with maximum transparency

Powder thickener composed of carbohydrates (fermented corn starch).
For optimal use, mix the product with liquid. Suitable for use with all aqueous liquids, it is heatresistant, freezable and is of natural origin. Its dosage must be very precise.
You can use this product to make coulis, sauces and purées.


sosa - gomme xanthane claire famille