Vegan Ganache for Piping

Vegan Ganache for Piping SOSA


180 g Almond milk 1 g SOSA Sojawhip 45 g SOSA Dextrose 25 g Invert sugar 50 g SOSA Glucose DE 38/40 490 g GUANAJA 70% 160 g Almond oil

Heat the almond milk to 75°F (25°C) and add in the dextrose and Sojawhip, followed by the glucose and invert sugar.
Heat to 175°F (80°C).
Add the almond oil and chocolate.
Combine the almond milk and sugar mixture (in four batches) with the chocolate to make an emulsion.
Mix using an immersion blender for a few minutes until you obtain a perfect emulsion.
Leave to rest at 60°F (16°C) for a few hours or overnight. Use a piping bag to pipe out with the nozzle of your choice.