Sojawhip SOSA

Available in

  • 300 g

SOSA Ref 39028


  • Aerating agent

Ingredients of 100% natural origin

  • This thickening agent for vegan products is a great substitute for Albuwhip.
  • Make meringues and vegan mousses using fruit purées, liqueurs and other liquids.


A powdered aerating agent derived from soya protein. For optimal use, mix the product with liquid and use it as a plant-based alternative to albumen. Suitable for use with all liquids, can be used hot or cold, cannot be frozen and is of natural origin. The texturizing agent is not able to go back to its initial state after it has been activated and its temperature changed. You can use this product to make mousses, meringues and glazes. The recommended dose is 10-40g/kg.