Wafer biscuit & Almond Snow

Maltosec Wafer biscuit & Almond Snow Sosa
Plain Wafer Biscuit


125 g Egg whites 100 g Confectioner's sugar 540 g Water 50 g Dry butter 50 g Strong white bread flour 50 g SOSA Maltosec 4 g Fine salt

Mix together the flour, confectioner’s sugar, water, butter and salt.
Add the Maltosec and boil for 1 minute.
Spread the mixture out over a siliconecoated tray, then bake for 7-8 minutes at 340°F (170°C).
Use a spatula to pull the biscuit away from the edges of the tray, then leave it as a single sheet or cut it into shapes.

Almond Snow


120 g ALMOND INSPIRATION 10 g Hazelnut oil 3 g Fleur de sel 80 g SOSA Maltosec 40 g SOSA Unpeeled Toasted Almond Pure Paste

Melt the ALMOND INSPIRATION couverture and add the Toasted Almond Pure Paste mixed with the hazelnut oil.
Mix until homogenized, and add the fleur de sel.
Incorporate the Maltosec and mix gently until a praliné-based powder has formed.

Note: This recipe cannot be frozen.