Muesli Square

Pectine jaune Muesli Square Sosa
Muesli Square


50 g Water 120 g Invert sugar 95 g Caster sugar 2 g  SOSA Yellow Pectin 25 g Caster sugar 5 g Citric Acid Solution* 60 g Dried blueberries 60 g Golden raisins 60 g Crunchy muesli 60 g Puffed rice 200 g Eclat d’Or 100 g DARK CHOCOLATE CHIPS 52%

Heat the water, invert sugar and larger portion of caster sugar. Add the pectin and smaller portion of sugar (which you have mixed together in advance).
Once it is at 245°F (118°C), add the acid solution.

Mix together the blueberries, raisins, muesli, puffed rice and ÉCLAT D’OR, then add the hot syrup.
Use a rolling pin to press 650g of the mixture into a 34 x 34cm, 10mm-high frame. Sprinkle with chocolate chips.

*Citric Acid Solution


2,5 g Water 2,5 g SOSA Citric Acid

Warm the water and incorporate the citric acid.
Mix and leave to dissolve.